5 Reasons to Stop by Before the LIGHTS!

-Opening at 2pm with FULL Kitchen & Bar

-ALL Shareable Snacks = $5 or less

-ALL House Beer Pints = $1 Off All Day

-4 New Beers On Tap = FULL FLIGHT of NEW BEERS

-It's Wednesday = $5 Flight Night

This includes: Magnitude 6, our Pale Ale, is BACK! This time with it's sister limited release, Magnitude Prime on Wednesday, Nov. 21....the night before Thanksgiving

Bring your family and friends to start the holiday off right, being thankful for local beer!

About this Beer:

Pale ale is the slightly smaller (and slightly older) version of India Pale Ale. This example showcases cascade and citra hops. Both hops contribute to the pleasant citrus aroma and flavor. Hopping is relatively light, but so is the grain bill, so this beer retains a lot of hop flavor while maintaining balance. The tropical nature of both flavor and aroma brings new-school approach to a somewhat old-fashioned style.

The finish is very crisp and clean, which encourages a second sip. Alcohol is low, making this beer a good addition to your next session with friends.

In astronomy, magnitude refers to the brightness of an object in our sky. The scale is logarithmic and reverse, so the sun is a magnitude -27, the moon magnitude -13, the International Space Station magnitude -6, and the North Star measures in at magnitude 2. Magnitude 6 dimmer yet, and accepted as the dimmest a star can be that is still observable by the naked eye.