• Hop River Brewing Company (map)
  • 1515 North Harrison Street
  • Fort Wayne, IN, 46808
  • United States

Join us as we introduce the latest style of beer to our taps:  Vienna Lager 5.8% ABV

An elegant European lager. Slightly sweet—with a deep, bready malt held in equilibrium by light, noble hops—followed by a dry, satisfying finish.

About this Beer:  Lager is a German word meaning, to store. That’s what we do with lager beers: we brew them and then store them, while they get better and better.  Patience is important in brewing these beers.

Vienna Lager traces its origins as a style all the way back to the original isolation of lager yeast, and the invention of clear, transparent beers.  Today Vienna Lager is almost extinct in Europe, and we have Mexican brewers to thank for keeping this traditional style alive.

The beer draws very strongly on Vienna malt for its character. Vienna malt plays a small roll in many beers (for example, our Kolsch contains a small amount of Vienna malt), but our lager is made almost entirely with Vienna malt.  This makes our version richly complex and elegant.