Celebrate the first total lunar eclipse of 2019 with our next canned beer release, Midnight Retreat Imperial Stout! (See beer special event release price below.)

The Super Wolf Blood Moon begins on Sunday night and will reach eclipse totality at 12:12am on Monday, January 21. The Fort Wayne Astronomical Society will be here to help us observe the eclipse and teach us more about what we are seeing, how often it occurs, and learn about all the great things our local organization offers.

On the patio, Fort Wayne Astronomical Society volunteers will set up a pair of space binoculars for an up-close look at the full moon. Inside the taproom, we will broadcast a livestream of the eclipse on a large screen. Also, FWAS volunteers will be around to answer questions about the lunar eclipse, our local observatory, or how you can get involved in your local community of astronomy enthusiasts.

More about the Fort Wayne Astronomical Society:

Fort Wayne Astronomical society is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1959. We support amateur observing and public education in Astronomy and related sciences.




More about the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse:



Beer Special: Midnight Retreat pint pours for 12 oz prices; five 4-packs for the price of six.