ISO Fearless Women in our region looking to connect with other Fearless Women.

Women aren’t acknowledged as beer drinkers. “We are acknowledged as beer drinker’s arm candy, and I don’t know about you, but I am no piece of candy—I’m lumpy and show that I drink beer…because it is delicious,” so fantastically stated by a local prominent leader. This meetup is a great place to be brave and stretch our relationships with each other.

This monthly meetup is for women leaders to create spaces for powerful change agents in our region. We hope it will become a comfortable place for women who enjoy beer, wine, and/or cider that want to connect with other empowered, like-minded women in our community. The goal is to organically find a way to meet the needs of women entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and organizations supporting women in our community through positive, strength-building relationships over a beverage in an informal setting.

Join us for a beverage and connect with other Fearless Women as this group takes shape and finds its niche!