Celebrate bad gifts by regifting them to someone else now...instead of letting them collect dust for 11 months until your next White Elephant Party!

Did your Aunt get you a pair of spa socks or a cheesy porcelain figurine that should stay in the bubble wrap? Perhaps your Mom got you a striped green tie that looks way better in the box? Don't waste your time standing in line to exchange it to get the "now clearance item" $7. Wrap it back up with a pretty bow and bring it down to the brewery.

Drop off your wrapped, now sparkling, "this could be a great gift" on the designated table and grab another unsuspecting bad gift. Who knows...you may like it? Or better yet, it might be one of the gift cards we hid in the mix!

Enjoy a beer and a sandwich, while you and your friends take turns opening your new regifted gift! There are probably a few solid embarrassing holiday family stories that you can't wait to share as well!

Who's in for the fun?