This is a community rock painting event honoring sweet Lauren co-hosted by the Hop River Brewing Company! Please join our Rock Painting Page called "How Would Lauren Love?" This event is kid-friendly and all supplies and rocks will be provided!! So just bring yourself and have fun and most importantly Love like Lauren!

Who is Lauren?
Lauren is a sweet and beautiful little girl full of joy and lots of love. The hope of this group is to spread kindness, encouragement, and love to people all over the world in memory of Lauren. When someone finds a rock and posts it, it is a reminder that Lauren is still here spreading her love and kindness to those in need.

This is an excerpt from Lauren's mother that explains more about Lauren and the group’s name:

"In March of 2018, life came to a screeching halt. Our only daughter, Lauren, unexpectedly passed away at the age of 5. One moment she was smiling here on earth, and the next moment she was smiling in the arms of God.

An indescribable pride radiates through us as we realize how special and amazing Lauren is. We created a new motto for our life, “How Would Lauren Love?” When we have been wronged by someone, how would Lauren love that person unconditionally? When times are tough or frustrating, how would Lauren love life? When someone is hurting, how would Lauren love that person? When life isn’t easy, how would Lauren love God? Lauren made it seem so easy; love unconditionally.

In her short 5 ½ years, Lauren loved. Lauren loved so well, and she loved so unconditionally! She loved others, she loved God, and she loved life! It seems so simple, yet it can be so difficult to do. But Lauren got it! Her life might have been shorter than anyone expected, but she squeezed as much love as possible into those 5 ½ years. She truly lived a life filled with love. Just as importantly, she taught us what it meant to truly live a life filled with love.

She also showed us what it meant to truly love unconditionally. She loved in ways that only she could. She loved people but even more she loved to make people feel special. She loved to make people laugh. She loved life and taught us the value of what is truly important in life. She loved her goals and dreams and never gave up on them. She loved to be silly and reminded us not to take life too serious. She loved God and embodied what true child-like faith looked like. She loved her family and friends and reminded us daily that family and friends are the most important. She made us better people.

Lauren truly was a special girl. She had an amazing ability to love people and create meaningful relationships. It was truly a gift of hers. We often ask ourselves how she loved so well. How did one little girl love so much? As her grandfather so accurately described at her funeral, “Lauren never met a stranger she didn’t love.” That is so true! Just one conversation with Lauren, and you were hooked on her with her contagious spirit, love, and passion for others. She truly made everyone feel like the most important and special person to her. As her parents, family, and friends, it often feels like we learned more from her than she learned from us. We are all better people because of her! Her passing has left a massive hole in all of our hearts; one that will never be whole again. But every day we force ourselves to keep moving forward as we love life, love God, and love others because that’s what Lauren would want. That’s how Lauren would live life. We will forever be better people because of Lauren’s love!”