James Ellsworth debuts original songs from his third album on the patio at Hop River Brewing Company among the stars and gentle evening breeze. Come enjoy a beer by the fire pits, while listening to James, backed-up by local favorite, Lizzy eHoff & Her Cough. This group of amazing artists will begin our music summer series on the patio with passion and talent inspired by the sounds of great folk artists. Mark your calendar today!

About James:
James Valon Ellsworth - singer/songwriter/guitarist/percussionist/poet
Born and molded in the boondocks of Northeastern Indiana. Colorado. Southern Indiana. Montana.

Aficionado of acoustic music. Alt Country. Celtic. Bluegrass. Neo Folk. Prog Rock. Bach. Americana. Viv aldi.

Cat person. Psychedelic. Gardener. Romantic. Woodsman. Reflexologist. Poet. Designer. Craftsman. Laker. BFA.

Released three albums of original songs: "Heart on Sleeve" "Circle The Wagons" and most recently, "Flinging Woo". Clusterfolk. Foxfire. Dynasorrows. Lizzie eHoff & Her Cough.

A solitary existence on a beautiful little gem of a lake, North IN, LaGrange County, with my pal Morpheus.

Tull. Cat Stevens. Leo Kottke. The Decemberists. Yes. CSNY. Joni. Steely Dan. James Taylor. Iron & Wine. Jason Isbell.

“When and where one grows-up and resides cannot help but strongly influence one's musical roots and songwriting. Coming "of age" in the 60's and 70's, in a rural setting - absorbing the music and embracing the culture, has led me to a writing style I refer to as "backwoods psychedelia".

I've been playing in bands and writing songs since I was thirteen. The most successful and noteworthy groups would be FOXFIRE,The Dynasorrows, and CLUSTERFOLK. My strongest early influences were The Everly Brothers,The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and others of that genre -- melodious vocals w/ sweet,slick harmonies built around acoustic instruments and folk sensibilities. As my songwriting matured, lyric content and slightly skewed story-telling became a major component. The influence of artists such as Ian Andersen, Lyle Lovette and Peter Gabriel added earthiness,whimsy, and a touch of surrealism to my songs. Additionally, a severe injury to my right wrist and the resulting numbness steered me toward a predominantly finger-picking style,which has led me to become a disciple of Leo Kottke.”

About Lizzie eHoff & Her Cough:
Lizzie eHoff & Her Cough is comprised of three musicians with music inspired by Cat Stevens, Neil Young, James Taylor, Counting Crows, REM, Tori Amos, Dan Zane, America, Shakey Graves, and Led Zeppelin.
• Sarah Ellsworth-Hoffman: Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Bass
• James Ellsworth: Guitar, Vocals, Percussion, Bass
• Andy Scheidler: Keys