Prepare for 480 inches of wooden track to take over Hop River's patio for an afternoon, so bring your best design! Relive your youth or just tap into your inner Issac Newton with us. Along with Allen County Public Library and Phil's Hobby Shop, we will be enjoying an afternoon under a tent of checkered flags, spinning wheels, and few pints of beer. Come compete or just cheer on these tiny little rockets of fun!

1st Place Trophy Winners!
2nd & 3rd Place Hop River Swag and Bragging Rights Winners!

$20 Entry Fee
Includes: Pinewood Derby Kit and two Maker Space Build Sessions at the Main Allen County Public Library

Register and Pick-Up Kits at the following locations after Monday, April 9th:
Phil's Hobby Shop
Fort Wayne, IN 46804
(260) 426-5056

Phil's Hobby Shop
Fort Wayne, IN 46804
(260) 471-1340

Hop River Brewing Company
1515 N. Harrison St.
Fort Wayne, IN 46808

Register for 1 Class Per Car:
1. Cub Scout Rules (the original rules)
2. Unlimited Rules (heavier weight and few size restrictions -- still gravity powered cars).
*All cars welcome to enter the “show” class!

Main Library Maker Lab for Build Sessions:
Saturday, April 20th: 1pm to 4pm
Saturday, May 4th: 1pm to 4pm

The Details:
Unlimited Entries, no more than # members on a team, at least 1 person must be over 21.