Our Beers

With at least 10 local house beers and 2 local guest taps, we offer our brewery's finest.  Anything from an IPA to a Stout to a Wit, we have just what you desire and something that might become your new favorite.  Enjoy a pint or create your own flight!  For the non-beer loving fan, we have local hard cider from Kekionga and a variety of local wines.  For our updated On Tap Menu, click here.


Flagship Beers

Kolsch - Fort Wayne Brewery

Kolsch | Light German Ale 5.4%

A classic easy-drinking German ale, crafted in the traditional style with imported European ingredients. A refreshing and delicate pint that looks like the beer your dad drinks but tastes like something your younger cousin would share.

Lasers  - Fort Wayne Brewery

Lasers in the Jungle | IPA 6%

A modern India Pale Ale brewed with two new school American bred hops-Mosaic and Citra.Bitterness is overall low; while the aroma is complex and tropical.

Midnight  - Fort Wayne Brewery

Midnight Retreat | Imperial Stout 8.5%

Extremely dark, with a thick tan head, this big guy can sneak up on you.  Dark chocolate, roasted coffee, stone fruit, and other mysterious flavors live in this dark world.

Harrison St. Wheat - Fort Wayne Brewery

Harrison St. Wheat | Hefeweizen 4.8%

Wheat gives the summertime beer its cloudy appearance and luscious texture. The light banana and clove aromas originate from a traditional German yeast strain. Gold Medal winner at the 2018 Indiana State Brewers Cup Competition.


Alt Bier 4.8%

Altbier has been the frienemy to Kolsch for generations.  This copper colored German Ale is light bodied and very crushable with a smooth but assertive hop bitterness, balanced by subtle caramel malt flavors.



Rotating Beers


Billable Hours | IPA 7.5%

A bigger and more bitter India Pale Ale.  Brewed with a classic west coast hops for heavy pine aroma and light woodsy-pine flavor.

Magnitude 6 | Pale Ale 4.8%

A tasty and easy to get along with pale ale. Light and dry, with a moreish aroma.

Oktoberfest Bier | Marzen 5.75%

Drink this in a tall stein, at a long table of new friends, while you sing and shout.  Orange color, medium body, almost mythical malt complexity—but very, very drinkable. 

Two Truths and a Rye | Red Ale 6%

We pair Munich and Caramel malts for a deep malty flavor reminiscent of the Irish and Scottish inspired red ales brewed by many older American brewpubs.  Our take adds rye for a subtle spicy aspect.

Time & a Half | Double Dry-Hopped Double IPA

Inspired by our Billable Hours IPA, but brewed with mid-west grown hops for a more tropical nose of pineapple, papaya, pithy orange peel, pine needles, and succulent tree sap. 8.4%

Only Pilsner | Pilsner 5.5%

A bold and flavorful lager, made with wholesome Czech-grown pilsner malt and Saaz hops. Floral aroma and bitter hop bite, with a soft and fulfilling malt subtext. 

Maestro | Vienna Lager 5.8%

An elegant European lager. Slightly sweet—with a deep, bready malt held in equilibrium by light, noble hops—followed by a dry, satisfying finish. Gold Medal and Best in Show Runner Up winner at the 2018 Indiana State Brewers Cup Competition.

Driving Miss Mandy | Dry Hopped Extra Special Bitter: 4.25%

Hop forward, with a floral—almost springtime garden—earthy aroma; dry biscuit and pretzel malt; light fruit character from a very English yeast, bordering on apricot and cherry. An essential session beer you can share all day long. 4.25%



Seasonal Beers


Countess Markievicz | Irish Stout 4.8%

Named for Constance Markievicz, revolver wielding Irish stateswoman and revolutionary hero.  Dry and roasty, with an attractive coffee aroma, tan head, and silky-smooth mouthfeel.

Double Agent | Rye Saison 5.8%

A non-traditional Belgian ale brewed in collaboration with Junk Ditch Brewing Company.  Ruby complexion; super complex nose of bubblegum, peppercorn, and spice; with soft, sweet finish.


Hurly Burly | Scottish Ale 7.5%

A malt-forward ruby-red beauty with significant caramel flavor. Brewed with imported Golden Promise malt by a patient brewer, this is a rich, boozy friend. 

Terry’s Wit | Wit Beer 4.75%

Belgian wheat beer with fresh-ground coriander and organic orange peel. Bright, spicy, and packed with effervescent citrus.

Fat Bob’s Porter | Porter: 5.6%

A rotund and substantial full-bodied ale. Light caramel playing with dark chocolate and a hint of citrus—like a rare x-mass candy. 5.6%

Greater Heron | Doppelbock: 7.6%

The darkest ruby yet, wading through caramel, toffee; sweet nuts and herbs; complex cake, burnt sugar, and grandma’s toasted bread.

Limited Releases

FrankenBrew | Stout

Science! Brewed for Frankenbrew, in collaboration with the Science Central Lab. A thick, flavorful stout, showcasing coffee and chocolate malt flavors, bursting with earthy English hops. 

Trail Mix | IPA

A Northern IN Beer Trail collaboration, this hazy, hoppy wheat beer explodes with tropical and citrus aroma from lots of mid-west grown hops.

Perseid | Red Ale - American Amber / Red 6%

Amber ale infused with Mt. Hood hops for an earthy, resinous nose. Reminiscent of an autumn leaf pile.

Magnitude Prime | Pale Ale - American 4.6%

Another dry hop special release only available in our taproom. Because that's how we do it!

Boreal Feast | Alt Bier 4.8%

Sidereal Ambet aged in Three Rivers Distilling Bourbon barrels. Strong boozy flavor haunted by an autumn leaf-pile-like hop bite. Charismatic ruby color and charm.

Cowboy Coffee | Porter: 5.6%

A cowpoke favorite: porter hitched to Fort Wayne’s Conjure Coffee coldbrew.  Good morning and goodnight. 5.6%


Indiana Pilot Ale (InPA) | IPA:  6.5%

A small batch pale ale with Indiana grown Cascade and Tahoma hops. Strong pine and cut grass; some autumn garden flavors mixed with hints of citrus fruit, all over a robust malty sweetness.  Limited Release 6.5%

Star Stuff | Pale Ale: 4.8%

Some more Magnitude 6, boasting a dry hop charge of Polaris for a pungent, floral, slightly minty experience.

This Room’s Elephant | Pale Ale: 4.8%

The above pale ale dry hopped with Chinook for a dank kick.

Darkest Midnight | Stout - American Imperial / Double 9%

Our flagship Imperial Stout aged in Three Rivers Distilling Company bourbon barrels.

Redheaded Step Moon | Imperial Stout: 8.5

A little bit of ginger, roasted and reduced, for that warm mule-kick. Limited Release

The Three Hopmigos | Pale Ale: 4.8%

Mag 6 with a posse of German Mandarina Bavaria, Japanese Sorachi Ace, and New Zealand Motueka for an international citrus flair.

Unemployment Benefits | Triple Dry-Hopped Double IPA

Even more hops? Yes, even more hops. Limited Release 8.4%

Violet! You're turning violet, Violet! | Flavored Oatmeal Stout: 4.8%

I’ve tried it on, like, twenty Oompa-Loompas and each one ended up as a blueberry. It’s just weird. 4.8% abv, very limited release


Robert’s Refined | Porter 5.6%

Fat Bob’s Porter fresh from some Three River’s Distilling whiskey barrels. Boozy and sweet, backed by bitter chocolate and plenty of smooth barrel character.

Overdraft | Double IPA 8.4%

Time and a Half Double IPA aged in Three Rivers Distilling whiskey barrels, then dry hopped yet again. Lots of earthy oak followed by bitter herbs and pithy orange peel.

Chronic Sunshine | Pale Ale

Lovely biscuit and cracker malt supporting a floral, slightly grassy hop presence. Crafted by our newest brewer Dustin L. Stephens.

Skunk Works Project No. 13K | Kettle Sour 4.2%

Our latest collaboration with Junk Ditch Brewing: a kettle sour infused with pink peppercorns and fresh picked rosemary. Tart, funky, with light citrus, herbs, and spice. Extremely Limited Release